We are bound to use operation theaters of different hospitals because currently, BDF does not own any hospital for their surgeries. We are striving hard to give our patients all the facilities such as 100% free operation and treatment under one roof. For this purpose Birth Defects Foundations launching a Fund-raising campaign in order to raise funds to build a hospital.

You can donate 15 to 20 acres of Land for our Hospital or any size of donation which could be benifit in building of unique Hospital for the treatment of Intersex, Cleft Pallet & 18 types of Birth Defects Children.


  1. Donate from Rs. 1 up to the amount you can easily afford. Rs. 1 – UPTO

  2. Monthly expense of lifetime hormone control medicines for CAH46XX type of kids born with ambiguous genitalia. Rs. 10,000

  3. Sponsor a child’s surgery. Rs. 100,000

  4. Associate your company, dear ones, or parents’ name to a health care center in any city. One Time Cost: Rs. 1.5 million Monthly Running Cost: Rs. 300,000 

  5. Sponsor a medical camp with medicines, Ultrasound and ECG facility. (Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Northern Areas) Rs. 50,000

  6. Donate your Zakat for patients’ treatments and surgeries. Rs. 1 – UPTO