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Your sales strategy will be closely related to your marketing strategy and vice versa. Hence, any decisions you make in this part of your business model will have a significant influence on your operations overall, including marketing. MetaTrader has built-in programming language MQL4/5, which is very useful and allows developers to create different custom tools for technical analysis and their trading robots. You can optimize parameters and their performance on historical data with a strategy tester. This is an industry standard trading platform for the FOREX market with a huge community of traders and developers around it.

turnkey broker

While not inexpensive, we do not charge excessively, and we never charge on-going fees, other than for optional maintenance. We understand that technology is not one size fits all, which is exactly why our solutions turnkey broker are designed to be customized to any extent required by our clients. Please note that Modulus operates under two different companies. Try to offer them non-trading products like crypto-fiat converter.

Physical proximity to all central trаde servers of major ехchаngеs, liquiditу providers, bаnks and other finаnciаl institutions, allows us to minimize trаde requests up to a hundredth of a second. Ongoing monthly costs for full licensing, servers and a technical support team. We have more than 100 different settings that can be customized during setup. Place a widget with leaderboard of traders with detailed statistics on your website and improve your marketing.

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A straightforward and transparent service that is entirely independent. This means there are no third parties involved in transactions so there is no need to rely on any bank or government. Well balanced, tested by businesses and ready-to-use price streams with customizable markups. Multiple markup profiles on instrument / group / account levels. WebTerminal Your clients can log into the web terminal from any device with Web browser support.

turnkey broker

If a trader is successful, he can consider investments as a diversification of strategies i.e. he has one working strategy and allocates 20-30% of his capital to other traders who can make money. The first days and months on the market is the hardest period for any trader. KYT compliance technology ensures your business measures up in terms of anti-money laundering requirements. Complete data-centric information about transactions helps crypto businesses comply with local and global regulations. Everything is designed with your comfort in mind to maximise your experience with us.

TickTrader Trader’s Room

We also run training sessions for our customer’s teams with our product managers. They just register and even make a deposit but never go on to make a trade. Each has his own history, but a broker should still work with them and convert them into active clients. The broker therefore needs to monitor the activity of each client. If he earns profits for 2 months in a row, he can be offered the chance to become a money manager or signal provider and earn more on fees. If he is unable to make profits, he can become an investor or follow some trading courses.

A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place. The best and the most popular professional FOREX trading platform White Label solution tailored specifically to your brand. We allow the use of B-book groups, but you still need to be connected to the A-book liquidity pool. To offer these types of assets to clients you will need to have a securities license and be a member of a regulated exchange. Give them a personal account manager for exceptional support of your most valuable clients.

  • There are no research tools available for analysing the market or trading assets while investing in the market.
  • There is a forum on the website where everybody, including traders, developers, and investors can find answers to their questions.
  • Modulus is a forward thinking technology company with a focus on performance, accuracy, and security.
  • Overall, the Turnkey Forex broker is not licensed by any tier financial body, and thus, the safety of client funds can’t be assured.
  • We saw this in 1998, 2001 and 2007 and at other times preceeding this.

If he likes it, he opens an account and follows one or several money managers. Communicate with a client through via email, write blog posts, develop new offers for active clients such as free VPS, reward programms for big commissions or contests. Average distribution of sources of income and costs in the financial plan of brokerage company.

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This is largely explained by volatility on all markets which increases during this time. We saw this in 1998, 2001 and 2007 and at other times preceeding this. Higher volatility creates interesting news events and promises bigger revenues to traders, hence, they show more interest in the markets and find more opportunities for trading. We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations.

A website is a place where your clients find out information about your products and services and your company overall. A good website fosters credibility and helps drive the selling process. Answering questions will help you plan all tasks related to your most important sales and marketing tool. Modulus provides advanced products and services to brokerages, hedge funds, financial institutions, and professional traders throughout 94 countries. Our technology reaches over three million traders and investors around the world.

Email him once a month or during big market movements and call a client to offer a product he has never used. You can also inform him what has changed since his last authorization in TR. Of course, you should continue to publish new content on all social media channels. The best thing a broker can offer these clients beyond trading conditions is to become a money manager and convert their previous trading history into a nice chart for a leaderboard of strategies. Our product managers are deeply knowledgeable about our technical solutions and are there to assist our clients with any specific enquiries. We offer a variety of training materials including videos and demos to help our clients understand the business.

There is no clear information about all the fees, penalties, and thus, is not recommended to any trader. Real success stories are always inspiring and different from typical offers like small commissions and tight spreads. Create tutorial videos featuring tips for analysis of traders via their public statistics pages.

Virtually unlimited number of trading instruments

A FOREX broker is an intermediary that operates as a middleman between a trader and the market. By using a broker, retail clients are able to gain access to the financial markets which would not otherwise be possible. The majority of FOREX brokers provide traders with the opportunity to trade not just currency pairs, but other asset classes including indices, metals and energies. Has been the main tool that helps FXOpen traders make deposits and withdrawals to trading accounts since 2014. Modulus is a forward thinking technology company with a focus on performance, accuracy, and security.

turnkey broker

If you have your own PrimeXM Core or OneZero Hub we can connect you directly via X-Core-to-X-Core or Hub-to-Hub. Otherwise, we provide you with a bridge for MT4 and gateway for MT5 free of charge. It depends on which payment system is integrated into your Traders’ room. B2Core is already integrated with more than 40 PSPs and EMIs and all you need to do is sign an agreement with one of them and connect them in a few clicks. We sign a NDA with our clients and therefore do not disclose their details. Find out more about what each sоlution offers and what is the best chоice for you.

TickTrader Trading Platform

Note that the deposit is processed within a day, but the withdrawal takes more than seven days, despite mentioning same-day withdrawals. It indirectly forwards the message that they are fast while taking funds and making excuses while giving funds. The maximum limit for withdrawals is only 10% of your account balance, and there is only one withdrawal allowed per user per month. Client confidentiality is important to us, for small firms to top hedge funds alike. We provide an ironclad Non Disclosure Agreement to all clients.

Yes, we can help you choose jurisdiction in conjunction with our consulting services and advise you how to get a license once you acquire our services. Being a signal provider is more valuable than just personal success and multiplying your own savings. Convert an upset trader who is unable to make any profit to a happy, active investor. The client has downloaded the trading terminal and opens positions. This is an example business model of a FOREX Brokerage company.

TickTrader Liquidity Aggregator

Our solutions are based on many years of experience in the technology industry. Our products and services are provided by developers and engineers who have first-hand experience in using the systems that they create. A trading service that allows the automatic real-time copying of orders from one account of a successful trader to the follower’s account. Many successful traders provide public access to the deals they execute on financial markets free of charge or for a reasonable fee.

Custom token integration ensures a quick and straightforward process for integrating your own NEO, NEM, ETH and Omni-based tokens. Place trades, manage orders and work directly from our integrated charts. Use our comprehensive suite of drawing tools and over 50 technical indicators to analyze price trends.

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To obtain quality liquidity, a broker must gage external providers. Our turnkey Forex solution can provide you with connectors to all major liquidity providers, including the largest tech hubs like Integral and Corinex. This means that potentially any major liquidity provider you are interested in can be integrated with your business. If necessary, our PAMM service can also become part of our turnkey FX solution.

The licensor, which provides services to the sub-licensee, increases its profits through expanded trading volumes and additional commissions. For the sublicensee’s clients, a Trading Room component is also created with access to all the necessary functions. Customers implementing the White Label Crypto Exchange solution can also provide sublicensing services. The sublicensing system is quite simple and available for immediate use as soon as it is connected. The access to the back-end systems is protected by multifactor authentication and secured communication channels.

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