Donations for Birth Defect Foundation

A Brief Introduction To The Birth Defect Foundation

Infants of any race or ethnicity may have a natural birth defect. Between 3% to 6% of newborns are born with a severe birth defect each year. Furthermore, these birth defects bring about a disproportionate share of deaths among babies and toddlers worldwide. Those who make it through these situations have a far higher chance of being left with a permanent disability.

Therefore, Birth Defect Foundation aims to provide successful operations for these birth defects. We took this initiative and strived to give these children a normal life like others. We have delivered 13047 cleft and palate surgeries, 83074 general OPDs, 167 intersex surgeries, 1031 ultrasounds & 12703 medicines free of cost to deserving individuals.

There is a severe lack of proximity to high-quality medical services and affordability in poor areas of Pakistan. Getting a sick kid to the doctor or clinic may be significant. Due to logistical difficulties, financial constraints, and a general lack of understanding, many children are 'treated' by local quacks or untrained physicians if they get any treatment. We are already working with national and international communities to help low-income families give the best possible treatment to their children diagnosed with a specific birth defect.

By supporting advanced studies, we want to speed up diagnosing, treating, and preventing birth defect problems. Patients may trust that they will get the highest quality of treatment from our sympathetic, highly trained personnel. Ambiguous Gender, Cleft Palate, Anisometropia, Clubfoot, Spina Bifida, Thalassemia, Epilepsy, etc., are only some of the more than 18 birth abnormalities we have been addressing. Many kids travel from remote parts of Pakistan to attend, including Azad Kashmir, Baltistan, KPK, inland Punjab, and inland Sindh. Moreover, people from the UK, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Italy, Qatar and Dubai also contact us to get their defects diagnosed and treated professionally.

Birth Defect Foundation has been quietly revolutionizing the communities it has touched with the latest technologies and modern healthcare breakthroughs adapted for use in low-income settings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all levels of medical care and treatments, from emergency departments and primary clinics to preventative medicine, to the individuals that the healthcare system has historically underserved.

Our Goals

In Pakistan, children in immediate danger of death with birth defects will have access to high-quality medical treatment. Moreover, we focus on the kids who are at risk:
  • Malnourished
  • Unimmunized
  • Poor healthcare accessibility
  • Suffering from any sort of treatable birth defect
Our Terms
The Birth Defect Foundation is based on the following terms;
  • Core Beliefs
  • Teamwork
  • Effectiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Humility

Help us meet our present needs with a donation and become part of our foundation

The Birth Defect Foundation strives to improve children's self-perception and provide them with the high standard of living they deserve. Our mission is to gather money so that children in need of surgery for birth defects in different areas of Pakistan may receive treatment from volunteer surgeons. The funds will be used towards the child's operation and related costs Children with birth abnormalities are a priority for your donations.

Donate between 1 rupee and the maximum sum you can afford

You can donate Rs. 10,000. This is the cost of lifetime hormone control medications for CAH46XX-type children born with ambiguous genitalia monthly.

Pay for a child's operation is Rs. 100,000

Assign your business, family, or parents' names to a healthcare facility in any city. One-time cost: Rs. 1.5 million and monthly operating expenses: Rs. 300,000

Sponsor a medical camp equipped with medication, ultrasound, and ECG. (Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and the Northern Regions) for Rs. 50,000

Donate your Zakat to the treatment and surgery of patients for 1 rupee – UPTO

Providing children worldwide with the quality of life they deserve