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Health Centre

Donation required First month RS: 1.8 million $ 6315 Running monthly cost: Rs 0.3million $1053


The Birth Defects Foundation (BDF) invites you to open a medical center in any city of Pakistan. Managed by BDF, the center will be named after your beloved, becoming a symbol of their legacy. This center will offer free general outpatient services and provide complimentary prescribed medications to underprivileged individuals. Through this noble initiative, BDF aims to treat patients in the name of your loved ones, following the principle of Sadqah Jariyah in Islam.


The one-time cost for this project is 1.5 million, with a monthly running cost of 3 Lac per month. Your generous support will have a lasting imp act, bringing health and care to those in need while honoring the memory of your loved ones.

(Noted write the name first 5 b0x in this campaign )    


                                                 NAME OF SPONSORD CENTRE

  • Lahore Mrs Tahira Jawed ch Health Centre Sponsored by Tahira Jaweed Ch. Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
  • Karchi Mr & Mrs Dr. Akhter(late) sponsor by Akhter family Abbas Town, Abul Hussen Isphani road Karachi
  • Rawalpindi Mr. Gulab Khan & Kaneez Fatima Health Centre sponsored by Mr.Naseer Khan
  • Nasir Mahmood Hospital Road Bahawalpur Sponsored by: Mahmmod family
  • Lahore cant by Chudery family


6 to 20 Any city of Pakistan Our Request Gilget, Peshwer, Muzaferabad, Abtabad, Quetta, Gawader, Kertarpur Rahdari, Wazerestan , Sukker etc.







 Saba fatima

Donated: Rs. 1,000

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