Rs. 250,000
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Rs. 245,000

Mr. Ahmed from Gilgit

Navigating Surgeries and Medications for Fertility in Intersex Patients”

Mr. Ahmed is 23 year old from Gilgit, he have dual organ. He successfully got first surgery but second surgery is on hold due to financial support needed upto 250,000 Rs.

Intersex patients require 2 to 3 surgeries to attain a complete fertile gender. These patients basically carries single or both both sex organ but  under developed. After long process of tests and scan at final stage their fertile organ  remained while other non-productive organ is removed. Productive male organ has been saved. Need to more two surgery required

 Amer Saeed

Donated: Rs. 2,500

 Amer 22

Donated: Rs. 2,500

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