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BDFis an initiative by Medical and Health Specialists to help children whoare born with natural defects. Birth Defects affect children regardless of their birthplace, race or ethnicity. BDFis focusing on more than 18 types of birth defects like Ambiguous Gender, Cleft Pallet, Anisometropia,Clubfoot, Spina Bifida, Thalassemia, and Epilepsy etc. which are commonly found in newly born babies across Pakistan. Children come from all over Pakistan especially Azad Kashmir, Baltistan, KPK, interior Punjab and interior Sindh. For Intersex Children: We are spreading awareness in our society and workingactively with these childrento allow them to stand up against violence, discrimination and stigma that often surround intersex children and adults.

How can we differentiate
between Intersex & Transgender community

Intersex children are born with some defects naturally but Allah has assign them some gender i.e. either boy or girl. After few tests like ultrasound and Karyo typing. Then we confirm their dominating gender. We do not change gender on wish but do correct the structural defects.Luxembourg Airport Transfer

Transgender are born with totally clear gender. With passage of time approximately from 3 years any age psychological disorder can arise in them. Due to which mostly males like female appearance and females likes men- like appearance. Such patients are not intersex but normal person with clear gender. Problem in them is

that psychologically they want to get appearance their opposite gender. In medical terms it is called as ”gender dysphasia’. Their treatment could take 6 months to 1 year. Intersex and transgender both exist in our society. We love both equally and want to help them in most possible manner.

Support for

Intersex & Transgender

Birth Defect Welfare Foundation not merely provides surgeries and consultation facility but also psychological assistance to Intersex, Transgender Children/Adults and their families.

Our Team of Professional Psychologists is in the counseling of conducting and rehabilitation of such patients.

Birth Defect Welfare Foundation not merely provides surgeries and consultation facility but also psychological assistance to Intersex, Transgender Children/Adults and their families.

Our Team of Professional Psychologists isin the process of conducting the treatment and rehabilitation of such patients.

rehabilitation of Intersex & Transgender patients to become a useful citizen. For this purpose we are planning to arrange workshops, Vocational training program for Beautician, Chef, Tailoring, Computer, Ac, TV, Fridge Mechanic etc

Success Story of

Intersex Patient

Intersex and Cleft Patients

Our company history and facts

Design & development process demonstration

Throw back to memorable moments
with Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan

Ansar Javaid Chairman Birth Defect Foundation

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the wedding ceremony of Ansar Javaid, the chairman of Birth Defects Foundation. He was the witness and also signed nikkah documents as witness. Also participated in the Baraat & reception afterwards.

Media Supports

Internationally TV Channels like (Voice of America, BBC& Voice of South Asia) have on aired exclusive reports on Birth Defects Foundation (BDF) also AL Jazeera TV making a one hour documentary on BDF.

Exclusive TV Reports on Different Pakistani TV Channel Like ARY &City 42 trice a time ,Geo, Ajj TV, 92 TV, Neo TV ,Public TV,Pakistan Television etc.

Morning Show Geo Twice a time, Hum TV, Mr. Bilal Qutab of Sama Tv have on aired an exclusive program “Qutab online” on BDF, Channel 24 with Juggen show, City 42 & Sama TV etc all programs are available  on our Face book page Birth Defects Foundation and   web.www.bdfpk.org

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